Spotlight Manufacturer in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for high-quality spotlights, look no further than Heng hui Lighting, a leading spotlight manufacturer based in Pennsylvania. With their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, they have become a trusted name in the industry.

Heng hui Lighting – A Reliable Spotlight Manufacturer

One of the standout products from Heng hui Lighting is the HW200406-ST2-A spotlight. This spotlight features a creative shell shape with a transparent glass shade, creating a soft and inviting light. It has gained popularity not only in Pennsylvania but also in France and the Czech Republic. The product holds CE certification and boasts an impressive annual shipment of 5,000 units.

Another remarkable offering from Heng hui Lighting is the HC220319-3-A spotlight. This model showcases a solid wood chassis with a frosted light barrel, adding elegance while minimizing scratches on its surface. Its exceptional design has made it highly sought after in countries like the UK, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. Like all their products, this spotlight carries CE certification and enjoys an annual shipment of 10,000 units.

The HS170326-RE1-P is another versatile product offered by Heng hui Lighting that can be used as both spotlights or wall lights or even reading lights depending on your needs. It has gained popularity not only in France but also across New Zealand, Chile,and Mexico due to its adaptability for various scenes. With certifications including CE, EMC,and ERP,the company ships an impressive 1000 pcs annually.

Product Series

In addition to these specific models mentioned above,Heng hui Lighting offers an extensive range of spotlights catering to different preferences and requirements.They take pridein providing customers with options that suit their unique needs and styles.


If you have any inquiries or would like to learn more about Heng hui Lighting’s spotlights, feel free to contact their friendly customer service team. They are always ready to assist you and provide the necessary information.

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A Reliable Spotlight Manufacturer in Pennsylvania

In conclusion,Heng hui Lighting is a reputable spotlight manufacturer based in Pennsylvania that offers high-quality products with exceptional design and functionality. With their commitment to delivering excellence,the company has gained recognition not only locally but also internationally. Whether you need spotlights for residential or commercial purposes,Heng hui Lighting is your go-to source for reliable lighting solutions.